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altar English-French Dictionary
Synonyms: altar table, Communion table, shrine, tabernacle, baptismal font, more. Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots altar." An Altar Mound. as likely as not we'll' be denounced from the altar. on the floor of the altar. pray at the porcelain altar.
Altar Wikipedia.
Calvinist churches from Reformed, Baptist, Congregational, and Non-denominational backgrounds instead have a Communion Table adorned with a linen cloth, as well as an open Bible and a pair of candlesticks; it is not referred to as an altar" because they do not see Holy Communion as sacrificial in any way.
What is an altar?
Sometimes God Himself commanded that an altar be built after He had delivered someone in a miraculous way Deuteronomy 2747: Exodus 301. Such an altar would be a memorial to help future generations remember the mighty works of the Lord.
Altar Definition and Meaning Bible Dictionary.
This heap is not expressly termed an altar, but if this covenant be compared with later covenants it will be seen that in these its place is taken by an altar of the lay type SBL, chapter 2, and it is reasonable to suppose that this heap was in fact used as an altar compare Genesis 3154.:
What is an altar?
On a spiritual level, each person can be said to have an altar within them where the flesh and spirit battle. When we surrender aspects of ourselves to God, we present that on our inner altar for God to control.
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Build an Altar Daily Devotions
Or" do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." It is my responsibility to build an altar to the Lord in my heart, maintain it, and visit it frequently. I take my sin, sorrow, faults, and failings to God at this altar and offer them as I would a burnt offering, letting Gods fire consume them and reprove me.

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